Current Needs

When raising 50+ children, you are often presented with unplanned expenses. Listed below are some of our current needs.  Some of the needs are monetary, while others are items we use on a daily basis.  Basic hygiene and paper good items – these are an ongoing need at Foster’s Home.


Currently, we are in need of 25 36″ rolling duffel bags, as well as 25 collapsible duffel bags.  These duffel bags are used to ensure a child’s dignity when they leave Foster’s Home, rather than putting their belongings in a plastic bag. Foster’s Home can purchase the rolling bags for $40.00 and the collapsible for $15.00.  If you want to help with this need, please contact Lacy Barton by email or at 254-968-2143 ext. 245.

We have created a wishlist on Amazon (click here) for some of the items of each homes needs.


If there is something that you would like to do for Foster’s Home that isn’t listed here, please contact Lacy Barton.