Grand Kids Club Giving

What if YOU could…

*Invest in something that will never lose value?

*Save lives and souls at the same time?

*Give hope and healing to troubled children?

Now you CAN do all this and more by simply helping with a $10 monthly gift and bevoming a member of our “Grand Kids Club!”

Since 1960, Foster’s Home has been there for hurting children like Darian and Matthew (pictured at the left).  Now is the time to invest in a Foster’s Home child!  Together, we can change lives and bless even more precious souls!

If 999 donors, friends, and YOU give $10 monthly to Foster’s Home, our children will receive $10,000 monthly to maintain two homes!  Join here today!

To the right of your selection in the donation page, you may select how often you would like your chosen amount to be automatically deducted and donated to Foster’s Home. If you have questions on becoming a member of our Grand Kids Club or about the monthly donations, please contact Lacy,