Food – Food may be donated to the operation of Foster’s Home for Children. It can either be brought, or arrangements can be made for pickup. Contact Brawnson Oliver for more information.


Gleaning Campaign – For many years, Foster’s Home has conducted Gleaning for Children campaigns. Interested churches encourage their members to take home a coin bank (supplied by Foster’s Home) for several months. At an arranged time, the banks are returned to the church and picked up by a representative of the Home. The coins are counted and receipts issued to donors. This program has proved itself a valuable way for both children and adults to benefit the lives of troubled children. You may contact Lacy Barton for this.


Good running vehicles – Periodically, Foster’s Home needs cars which can be used by student drivers on campus. These vehicles need to be in good running condition with no major repairs needed. Individuals wishing to donate cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles, that are in good running condition may do so by contacting Glenn Newberry or Lacy Barton. A valid title is required. You may use the value you assess on the vehicle as a tax deduction (as allowed by law).